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Rave Reviews

"Marcie explains complicated financial topics for a consumer readership without talking down to her audience. And she turns stuff in by deadline, always."
Holden Lewis, assistant managing editor, 

"I keep Marcie on as a freelance writer year after year because of her exceptional work ethic and the quality of her research and writing."
Timothy Manni, managing editor,

"You can rely on Marcie to do the best possible job on your writing projects."
Jessica Swesey, vice president, content, Inman News

"Marcie does an exceptional job of writing pieces that are engaging, informative and clear for our readers. She asks the right questions and finds the right sources for each article, which results in well-researched and thoughtful pieces."
Patricia Garcia, content manager,

"Marcie is an excellent writer and has a superb grasp of business issues. She is detail-driven, conscientious and extremely reliable. Moreover, she is a delight to work with."
Anne Framroze, vice president, marketing and communication, California Association of REALTORS

"Marcie is a great storyteller with an eye for the unusual angle and keen attention to detail and deadlines."
Stacey Moncrieff, vice president, business-to-business communications, National Association of REALTORS

"Marcie is one of my go-to authors when I need a complicated in-depth story. She's very professional and asks all the right questions."
Heather Skyler, senior editor, California Real Estate magazine

"Marcie helped me take my writing to the next level. She can see ways to make a scene, character or plot arc better after I've given it everything I've got. She calls me out when there's room for improvement, and I'm grateful."
Rebecca Sederberg Kellogg, @rebeccakellogg

"Marcie has excellent instincts about the big picture of a written piece--what's missing, what needs to be added and what's not right about the work. She doesn't hesitate to note what she likes, which is always nice to hear. Having her eyes on your piece could only be a positive thing."
Anne Feldman, technical writer and novelist

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