Realtors Lack Sparkle of Imagination

The housing market in my Los Angeles neighborhood has held up fairly well price-wise, but the number of transactions has fallen off a cliff, judging by the scarcity of for-sale signs, the lengthy duration of the few signs that pop up and the steady stream of solicitous Realtors who've knocked on my front door. While I sympathize with their plight, I'm not planning to move any time soon, if ever. Nor do I know anyone who wants to move into or out of the neighborhood. Nor am I all that interested in the unvarying information about recent home sales that every Realtor has on offer. But what most disappoints me about these Realtors is not their diligent prospecting, but the sameness of their pitches. If I were planning to move, I'd want a Realtor with a lot more imagination, especially in a market characterized by a slow pace of home sales.