Food Poisoning at Flamingo Hotel

Earth is not an entirely safe place to live. But among the many dire and worrisome threats that our planet faces is one that merits much more concern than is usual granted: That is, the toxicity of our modern food supply.
The thought is occasioned by a cup of artichoke soup that I purchased last Friday from a vendor at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. This soup was so toxic that I became severely ill. Unable to return home on my own, I was heroically rescued by my father, who boarded an airplane Saturday morning and then drove my car back to Los Angeles Saturday afternoon while I suffered in the back seat from extreme dehydration and a 101 F fever.
The lesson here is that hungry travelers should be extremely cautious in any place such as a hotel or airport that serves massive quantities of inexpensive food to a highly captive and transitory population as these conditions create no incentive to ensure repeat customers.
During this week of Thanksgiving in the U.S., I'll be grateful for any opportunity to purchase, prepare and partake of food that is not toxic, but rather wholesome, nutritious and safe.