Hiring a Home Stager

By Marcie Geffner

Every home, no matter how luxurious or well-kept it may be, can benefit from at least a few improvements before it's put on the market to be sold. Though not every home that needs to be staged also needs the services of a professional stager, a professional can help you de-clutter your home and highlight its best features in a way that will make the home more attractive and appealing to prospective buyers.

"Most people love their own home," says Dan Eason, president of Energized Seller, a Web site that helps home sellers improve their home's marketability. "Your home might look great to you and your friends. But selling your home isn't about you or what you like, it's about the home buyer and what that buyer wants. Buyers don't want clutter, disorganization, disrepair, wild colors or crowdedness. They want a home where they can easily imagine themselves living."

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