McCain keeps hands off housing

Perspective: Candidate advocates market transparency, accountability
By Marcie Geffner, Inman News

Real estate professionals who turn to John McCain's Web site for information about his housing policy may be disappointed to discover there's not much there to examine. But the omission of specific plans and programs may be less of an oversight on the candidate's part and more of a statement in and of itself as to his views.

The presumptive Republican nominee in this year's presidential election has spoken out about the housing crisis and established parameters for the steps he believes the federal government should and shouldn't take in response. He's also announced one specific housing program that he'd try to enact if elected.

McCain addressed the "devastating impact" of the housing crisis on U.S. financial markets and household budgets in a March 27 statement that recapped a day-earlier speech on the crisis. The candidate acknowledged a responsibility to help "deserving" homeowners who were in danger of losing their home and expressed his commitment to consider "any and all proposals" that would accomplish that goal. But he also emphasized that any government intervention should be limited in scope and aim to prevent a recurrence of the crisis.
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