Assist-2-Sell Adds Office in Canada

By Marcie Geffner - Assist-2-Sell

Lyle and Sandy Longridge were no different from countless other real estate agents who sell property across Canada. That is, until last August, when the dynamic husband-and-wife duo decided to open up the country's newest Assist-2-Sell® franchise. Their new company, in New Westminster, B.C., opened for business in October, and today, Sandy Longridge calls the couple's choice "the most exciting and fulfilling" decision of their careers.

"We wanted to run our own show and be our own boss," she says. "We wanted to do something that we could believe in."

The Longridges settled on Assist-2-Sell after almost a year of research because they admired the company's business model, which is built around giving home sellers and buyers exactly what they want in today's housing markets: Flexible commissions and superior service.

"Real estate is changing," says Lyle Longridge. "The traditional model is not going to survive in the same form as it is now. Assist-2-Sell is a great way for us to position ourselves for that future and those changes."

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