What's eating your house?

By Marcie Geffner - Bankrate.com

Most homeowners are familiar with termites, which are known for their ability to eat through wood, whether it be window frames, doors, stairs or other components of a house.

But other creatures can devour wood, too. Some even gobble stucco.

It might seem tempting to ignore the presence or evidence of these house-eating beasts. But certain types of termites, snails, beetles, ants and even bees can be destructive. The longer you wait, the more damage they'll cause and the more costly it will be to repair.

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Don't be afraid to get a mortgage

By Marcie Geffner - HSH.com

If you're afraid to apply for a new mortgage, you're not alone.

A recent telephone survey of 1,005 U.S. adults conducted for loanDepot, an online mortgage company in Foothill Ranch, Calif., found 54 percent of people who said they'd like to buy a home within the next two years hadn't pursued their goal because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to get a mortgage.

Who feared the most?
For those who don’t own homes, many of whom are younger would-be first-time home buyers, 56 percent say they were held back by the fear they wouldn't qualify for a loan. A third of respondents who already own a home, but want to buy again within the next two years had the same fear of not qualifying.

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