6 smart strategies for buying CDs when rates rise

By Marcie Geffner - Bankrate.com

Investors who put money into certificates of deposit, or CDs, generally want protection against loss of their principal and at least a small return on their investment.
In recent years, those returns have been minuscule as interest rates have scraped the bottom of the proverbial empty barrel.
But now, with the Federal Reserve nearing a decision on whether to raise its benchmark federal funds rate, should investors take a fresh look at CDs?
Yes, says Roger Young, senior vice president and manager of fixed income at Fidelity Investments.
Young thinks investors should consider CDs, in part because the anticipated bump in rates is already being built into their returns.
"If we go back to 2014," he says, "the 2-year Treasury note was yielding about 40 basis points for the year. Today it is yielding 70, so the market is already anticipating."
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