ProCritiques at WC2's Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference

Writers looking for education, inspiration and professional feedback on any work of fiction, nonfiction or memoir can find me at The Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference, produced by West Coast Writers Conferences (WC2), June 17-19, 2016, at Los Angeles Valley College.

I will be participating in panel discussions (topics and schedule to be announced) and offering ProCritiques throughout the conference.

My critiques include:
- An advanced read of up to ten standard manuscript pages (2,500 words) of your work.
- Detailed notes on your pages. A copy, marked with copy-editing suggestions and comments, will be emailed to you after the conference.
- A consultation of at least 15 minutes (usually up to 20-30 minutes, time permitting) at the conference.

My critiques focus on elements of writing craft, including mechanics, voice, tone, character, dialog, plot, pacing, theme and much more. Writers will receive detailed feedback on what's working well, what could be improved—and how to do it.

All genres and literary/mainstream fiction, nonfiction and memoir are welcome.

All writing levels are welcome from beginners to experienced or published authors.

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