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About Marcie Geffner

Part English major, part MBA, Marcie Geffner is an award-winning freelance reporter, editor and writer. Marcie's work has been featured online and in print by The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Urban Land, Business Start-Ups,, Fox Business Network Online and many other newspapers, magazines and websites. Her corporate website content clients have included Anthem/Blue Cross, American Express, J.P. Morgan Chase,, Credit Karma, Union Bank, People's Bank and Dun & Bradstreet.

In the last decade alone, Marcie has written more than one thousand published stories, educating and guiding readers through the real estate dot-com wars, housing boom,foreclosure crisis, Great Recession and economic recovery. She’s also written about celebrity Realtors, credit cards, computer security, health insurance, low-income housing, small business and many other subjects.

Marcie is fluent in Fed-speak, has attended news conferences with former HUD Secretary Shawn Dono…

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Reporter. Writer. Editor. Book reviewer. Part English major. Part MBA. Often at the beach. Always on a deadline.