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What Clients Say

"Marcie is an excellent writer and a joy to work with. I can always count on her articles to be well-sourced, well-written and submitted on time. She's easy to communicate with and always willing to make sure the content I buy from her is exactly what our websites need. If you are looking for a reliable and quality freelancer, I highly recommend adding Marcie to your team."
Sienna Kossman
Builders Digital Experience

"Though I've never worked with Marcie in person, I've worked with her as an editor and can attest that her work is consistently of excellent quality. She is a reliable, thoughtful, and communicative writer. Any editorial operation would be fortunate to count her among its staff."
Collin Brennan
Credit Karma

"Marcie developed a compelling and relevant article designed for Wisconsin real estate licensees to understand their role in the mortgage qualification process. Marcie was pleasant and easy to work with, and she authored a wonderful piece!"
Lauren Hubbard
Wisconsin Real Estate magazine

"Marcie does an exceptional job of writing pieces that are engaging, informative and clear for our readers. She asks the right questions and finds the right sources for each article, which results in well-researched and thoughtful pieces."
Patricia Garcia
Builders Digital Experience

"Marcie is one of my go-to authors when I need a complicated in-depth story. She's very professional and asks all the right questions."
Heather Skyler
California Association of Realtors

"Marcie helped me take my writing to the next level. She can see ways to make a scene, character or plot arc better after I've given it everything I've got. She calls me out when there's room for improvement, and I'm grateful."
Rebecca Sederberg Kellogg, @rebeccakellogg

"Marcie has excellent instincts about the big picture of a written piece--what's missing, what needs to be added and what's not right about the work. She doesn't hesitate to note what she likes, which is always nice to hear. Having her eyes on your piece could only be a positive thing."
Anne Feldman
Technical writer and novelist

"Marcie has written several stories for our newspaper. She always met the deadlines and was a pleasure to work with. Her stories were well written and informative."
Eva Piccolo
Santa Clarita Valley Signal

"I worked with Marcie many times when I was a senior editor at Bankrate. She wrote freelance pieces for me and has always been a diligent writer and reporter who never misses a deadline. Marcie is a true professional who would be a great hire for any editor."
Chris Kissel

"I have worked with Marcie for several years now. I continue to keep her on as a freelance writer year after year because of her exceptional work ethic and the quality of her research and writing. She is a valued asset to my team."
Timothy Manni

"I worked with Marcie as a writer at and at Marcie always pitches article ideas that are timely, unique and useful for readers. She hits all of her deadlines and her work requires minimal editing. She's our go-to reporter to cover the real estate and mortgage business. I highly recommend her."
Ellen Cannon
Bankrate /

"We engaged Marcie to develop content for our Virginia Homeowners Alliance newsletter and website. She did a great job distilling complex issues into short pieces suitable for our layperson readership. Her writing was interesting and nuanced, and she always managed to nail the takeaway we wanted the reader to have. It was a pleasure to work with a pro like Marcie!"
Scott Brunner
Virginia Association of Realtors

"Marcie was one of our go-to freelancers when we had a Los Angeles Times Real Estate section. Her depth of knowledge in the subject has continued to grow and is reflected in her vast body of online work."
Lauren Beale
Los Angeles Times

"Marcie is an editor’s dream. For starters, she delivers rock-solid copy—on or before deadline—that requires only the lightest edit. She was a regular contributor to California Real Estate magazine because her article pitches were spot-on relevant and she could tackle the most difficult topics. I enjoyed her intellect and professionalism, her depth of knowledge regarding real estate and business topics, and the collaborative give-and-take that she brought to each assignment."
Paula Hess
California Association of Realtors

"Marcie is a crackerjack writer and reporter, expert in real estate and financial topics. She delivers informative, engaging, and well-reported stories on deadline."
Christina Hoffman
National Association of Realtors

"Marcie is a great storyteller with an eye for the unusual angle and keen attention to detail and deadlines."
Stacey Moncrieff
National Association Realtors

"I'd never worked with a writer before and was fearful of what I'd get. After some good recommendations from others and eventually contracting with Marcie, I was very pleased with the experience and outcome. As time went on, I hired her for more and more projects. And, as the need arises, I'll gladly hire her for other projects."
Dan Eason

"In all the years we worked together, I found Marcie to be a quick and sharp study. She was well-informed about the technical aspects of the real estate and finance industries, and she translated her knowledge well into her written work. Marcie is someone with numerous skills and talents: she is highly intelligent; writes exceptionally well; is an excellent editor and proofreader, and is able to tackle a variety of projects with equal success. She is incredibly reliable, hard-working, and conscientious beyond what is expected. As a manager, it was a pleasure to work with someone so capable and independent. I would recommend her without hesitation."
Anne Framroze
California Association of Realtors

"Marcie writes clearly about complex topics. She explains complicated financial topics for a consumer readership, without talking down to her audience. She's accurate, and on the rare occasions when she needs to correct something, she does it quickly and proactively. And she turns stuff in by deadline, always. It's a pleasure to work with her. And did I mention that she's accurate?"
Holden Lewis

"Marcie's professionalism, integrity and attention to detail make her an editor's dream. I especially appreciated her analytical eye and depth of real estate knowledge!"
Janine Sieja

"Marcie is a wonderful writer with the highest professional standards and incredible versatility. She is capable of quirky, whimsical, creative work as well as well-researched and artfully crafted journalistic pieces. She consistently delivers the highest quality work on time. She’s competent, professional, smart, and a delight."
Elaine Baker
Inman News

"Marcie is an exceptional writer and truly gifted journalist. She is also honest, ethical and a consummate professional; qualities which can be all too rare these days. Marcie is an amazing asset to our industry and an absolutely joy to work with. I highly recommend her and her work to anyone who is looking for a first-rate talent."
Darcy Patch
Fidelity National Financial

"As managing editor of Inman News, Marcie showed excellent leadership and organization over the entire editorial team. She was very hands on and direct about what needed to be done. She was also a great mentor and inspiration to work with. I always say I learned everything I know about real estate news writing from her."
Jessica Swesey
Inman News

"As an editor, Marcie watches story content and source integrity like a hawk. She dots all the i's and crosses all the t's, is reliable and responsive. In short, she is a real pro and on top of that, she is a pleasure to work with."
Marianne van Zeeland
Inman News

"I am so pleased with the way the real estate column is going. You have a good eye for what readers would find interesting, and your writing style is easy on the mind. I'm delighted that we're able to run your material."
Jean Adelsman
Daily Breeze

"I have been consistently impressed with Marcie's ability to create and execute story ideas on the widest range of subject matters under the real estate umbrella. She delivers what she promises."
Blanche Evans
Agent News / RealtyTimes

"Marcie was an able, conscientious, ethical and hard-working editor. She is a good writer and editor and has a complete understanding of the real estate industry. I recommend her without reservation."
Brad Inman
Inman News

"After ably assisting Tekelec's senior management during the company's initial public offering, Marcie established Tekelec's corporate communications department. Her efforts contributed to the company's favorable reputation with members of the investment community. Marcie's keen ability to explain technical subjects was appreciated by Tekelec's shareholders and allowed her to assist Tekelec's marketing department in preparing technical sales presentations. Marcie is a dedicated professional with outstanding communications skills and problem-solving abilities. She is an enthusiastic team player whose business sense and integrity made her a valuable member of my staff."
Philip J. Alford

"Marcie has consistently demonstrated a mature sense of business in her work, and her attention to detail and ability to follow up are outstanding. Marcie is a team player."
Marcy Kirkton
California Federal Bank

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